Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry
Author: Simone Elkeles
Rating: 5 out of 5
Publisher: Walker & Company
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Summary: Brittany Ellis is perfect. She spends her time making sure that people believe the show she puts on and not see the real her. Alejandro 'Alex' Fuentes is in a gang. He's all about his family and would do anything for them. When forced to be partners in Chemistry, the pair are thrown into each other's worlds and realize that there's always more to a person than they let on. With everything and everyone against them, they somehow manage to fall in love.

*Sighs* I love this book. It's romantic . . . and wonderful . . . and . . *sighs again*

I am kicking myself for not reading this six months ago. The writing is amazing and really pulls you into the story. I appreciate how the chapters are alternating points of view so that the reader is only reading what they need to know at the time and then they're surprised just like the characters are. It adds a nice touch to the reading experience.

The characters Brittany and Alex are so complex that they're not the stereotypical beings most people think they are. I like how Simone Elkeles touched on stereotypes and racial backgrounds without completely shoving it in our faces. It's refreshing.

Every character introduced had a part to play in the story, which is important to me. I hate when I'm reading something and the characters are so random and have no importance or show up toward the end of the book.

The romance in the story was absolutely perfect. Any more and it would have been overkill and any less would not have done the story justice. She did it just right. Think Romeo and Juliet meets West Side Story, but with WAY better endings. That's Perfect Chemistry.

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